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Courses Offered - MEDIC FIRST AID Training Program

Medic First Aid training programs are recogonised throughout the world by governments, associations and corporations as meeting regularly requirments for workplace safety and health. Industries as varied as oil, electronics, power , telecommunications, Forestry,hotel and hospitality and entertainment all rely on Medic First Aid to help ensure safer work environment, regulatory compliance, and efficient employee emergency response. Our Programs follow the most currect medical guidlines and educational methodologies to ensure that all levels of responders- form child care providers to fire fighters, industrial workers to police officers, good samaritans to emergency response team members in a workplace - are confident in providing emergency care when their skills are needed.

Medic First Aid training Programs

MEDIC FIRST AID training programs use a unique instructional design proven to facilitate a low stress student centered learning environment Integrated instructional techniques employed I each learning target cognitive, Psychomotor, and affective learning, building from video sceneries through various levels of demonstration and practice to an action based skill and knowledge assessment rather than more formal written and performance tests. This unique methodology of "seeing, hearing, doing, speaking and feeling" combined with the ability to incorporate additional content, specific topics and scenario practices provides a structure appropriate to varying educational and experience levels ensuring comfort, confidence and skill mastery.

Why choose MEDIC FIRST AID.?

We make learning to lives easy

Cost- Effective

Whether you're an independent trainer, consultant and corporation, MEDIC FIRST AID training materials offer exceptional value. The high quality easy to use materials are reasonably priced so you can manage your training costs effectively.

A Proven Training Coerces

MEDIC FIRST AID training Process is based on proven in structional design theory and Practice. It utilizes a "hearing, seeing, speaking, and feeling methodology to create student centered learning and low stress learning environment.

Meets regularly requirements

MEDIC FIRST AID training programs are designed comply with workplace regulatory requirements from agencies such as OSHA and the U.S. cost guard. Whether its meetings CPR and First aid requirements for your business for your business blood borne pathogens regulations or child care emergency management legislation, MEDIC FIRST AID has flexible training programs to meet your occupational emergency care training needs.

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