Courses Offered

Courses Offered - NEBOSH Training Program

The NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC) has been recognised for many years internationally as the basis for a sound,broad introduction to fundamentals of occupational health and safety. The syllabus therefore focuses on international standards, in particular ILO codes of practice. The syllabus is structured according to a recognized management framework. The NEBOSH International General Certificate has been designed for managers, supervisors, worker representatives and others who require a basic knowledge and understanding of health and safety principles and practices. It provides an appropri - ate breadth of knowledge for non- specialists in occupational health and safety to enable them to discharge more effectively their organisational duties or functions with respect to workplace health and safety. Candidates are likely to be employees of large organisations operating outside the UK, or of multinational companies already working to international standards but needing to adapt these to accord with local needs and practice.

Course Syllabus

International General Certificate (IGC)

IGC 1: Management of International Health & Safety

Foundations in Health & Safety

Health & Safety Management Systems - Policy

Health & Safety Management Systems - Organizing

Health & Safety Management Systems - Planning

Health & Safety Management Systems - Measuring, Review and Audit

GC 2: Control of International workplace hazards

Workplace hazards & risk control

Transport hazards & risk control

Muskuloskeletal hazards & risk control

Work Equipment hazards & risk control

Electrical Safety

Fire Safety

Chemical & Biological health hazards and risk control

Physical & Psychological health hazards and risk control

GC 3: The Health and Safety Practical Application

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